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Yuki Itose ( (いと) () (ゆき) , Itose Yuki) is the main female protagonist of Sign of Affection manga. She is a deaf second-year college student who seeks to learn about the outside world through Itsuomi Nagi.


Although Yuki wears hearing aids, she can't make out sounds or where they're coming from. She communicates in coded Japanese Sign Language, but she often uses notebooks or other methods for people who don't know sign language, such as her own family. Because of bad experiences, she only verbally communicates with her family. She for her part knows how to read lips.

She attended a school for the deaf (which was limited to four classmates) until graduating from high school. Although she grew up in a very limited study environment, her mother encouraged her to participate in various activities to prepare her for the real world and even encouraged her to go to university. There she meets Rin Fujishiro, a girl who helps her take class notes through her computer.

One day in February, while she was going home, a foreigner asks her how to get to a place. At that moment she meets Itsuomi Nagi who helps direct the foreigner. Yuki realizes that she's seen him before, and that they go to the same university


Yuki Itose Anime

Yuki has a quite petite figure and her hair is a soft shade of pink (dyed), flowing down to her shoulders in gentle waves. Her bangs framed her face in a cute and playful manner, while her pink eyes shimmered with a subtle sparkle. Her fair skin always had a natural blush, adding to her delicate beauty. Yuki wore a knee-length crimson red dress, paired with white socks and gray-purpleish boots. Notably, she also had white hearing aids, which completed her unique style. For her pajamas she wears a cream coloured shirt which consists of redling and white trousers with pink slippers.


Yuki is somewhat withdrawn but has a very bright, honest and pure personality. On the other hand, she tends to trust others and her lack of vigilance worries her childhood friend, Oushi Ashioki.

She loves her friends, college and social media.


Itsuomi Nagi[]

Itsuomi and Yuki met while they were on the train, communicating through lip reading which slowly led to him learning Japanese sign language. While Itsuomi doesn't think he would get himself into a relationship, he ends up getting into one with Yuki.

Oushi Ashioki[]

Oushi knows Yuki so well and he is concerned about her relationship with Itsuomi Nagi since he's in love with her.


  • The name Yuki means "snow" (雪).
  • Yuki's surname Itose means "yarn, thread, string" (糸) (ito) and "swift current, rapids" (瀬) (se).